About Terry
Padgett-The Man
Behind the Suit...
Terry started his tribute to Elvis in church after being asked to perform at a widows'
banquet in Leeds, Alabama  December 2001. Since then, Terry has performed at many
events including street dances, festivals, private parties and grand openings. He has had the
honor to perform for Governor Bob Riley at the Leeds Chamber of Commerce Annual
Banquet at Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum.   Terry takes pride in the shows he brings
to his audiences. It is the audience that brings life to every show!

Elvis always had a sincere and caring attitude with the audience. Terry attempts to bring
that same attitude to the stage every time he performs.

Terry lives near Birmingham, Alabama.  He realizes the importance and significance in
bringing to the stage the image of Elvis. Terry is sure to please with his voice and looks and
is available for your event or parties!  There will never be another Elvis and his shoes are
big, but to pay tribute to the King of Rock and Roll is an honor in itself.

As of May 2014, Terry has added new depth to his shows with a tribute to the late country
music legend,
Waylon Jennings. Terry as Waylon is available alone or in addition to his
Elvis tribute. Terry also has access to a fellow tribute country legend,
Allen Tedders as
Willie Nelson.
Together they have initiated W & W Productions-The Willie and Waylon
For booking info, contact Terry at the link.